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Meet Dr. Subodh Shivde

    Dr. Subodh Shivde is a urological consultant and andrologist having a busy practice in various urological sub - specialities like endourology (stones), laparascopic urology, prostate cancers, laser surgeries such as the ‘ESWL™’, cancers of the urinary tract etc.

    His practice locations are : - Urology Speciality Clinic, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, ONP General Hospital, Ratna Memorial Hospital and Shashwat Hospital all of which are located in Pune.

Urology Speciality Clinic

201 A/B, Sanskruti Shilp,

Jagannath Tarte Marg,

Off Karve Road and Prabhat Road,

Pune, 411004

Tel : 020 6999 6669, (M) +91 92 2525 2625

For Appointments Call 020 6999 6669

Call Between 4 PM - 8 PM From Mon - Fri

Consultation* Between 4PM - 8PM

* By Appointments Only

Urology Speciality Clinic,

Off Karve Road,

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