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Publications And Book Chapters

These are most of the papers published by Dr. Subodh Shivde in Indian and worldwide.

Book Chapter

Diabetic Cystopathy and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia-Is prostate always the culprit? The role of Urodynamics in clinical practice. Shivde S.R. Diabetes –Update, ISBN No.81-900923-0-7

Published Papers

1. Ileocalicostomy with augmentation cystoplasty in ureteric stricture due to genitourinary tuberculosis Shivde Subodh, Joshi Pankaj, Date Jaideep, Iyer Sucheta. BJUI September 2009

Abhay Rane, Pradeep Rao, Subodh Shivde, Anil Bradoo, R. John D'a Honey, Kenneth T Pace, Mostafa Elhilali, Maurice Anidjar
The Journal of Urology
April 2009 (Vol. 181, Issue 4, Page 665)

3. Knotting of the guide wires: A rare complication

during minimally invasive procedure on kidney-Lessons learnt

Pankaj M Joshi, Subodh R Shivde, Tushar A Dighe

Journal of Minimal Access Surgery | October-December 2008 | Volume 4 | Issue 4 114

4. Unusual causes of obstruction to transplant ureter-A case report with review of literature of some rare causes.Shivde S.R.,Joshi P.,Date J.A.,Dighe T.,Saudi Arabian Journal of transplantation.(accepted-June 2008)

5. Extrusion of Double J Stent: A Rare Complication.Subodh R.Shivde, Pankaj Joshi, Rakesh Jamkhandikar . Urology Volume 71, Issue 5, Pages 814-815 (May 2008)

6. Diabetic Cystopathy and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia-Is prostate always the culprit? The role of Urodynamics in clinical practice. Shivde S.R. Current Medical Journal 2005

7. Laparoscopic ureterolysis and reconstruction of a retrocaval ureter: D.S. Bhandarkar1J.G. Lalmalani2, S. Shivde3   Surg Endosc 2003;17:1851-2

8. Trimethoprim versus Gentamicin for the prevention of bacteriruria following Transrectal biopsy of the prostate- Do patients need additional antibiotic cover? Shivde S.R., 

CookeR.P.D.,W.A.Oneill,CowieA.G.A.,LawrenceW.T.,WatsonG.M.                               Urol Int.2002; 69(2): 106-10.

9. Does ELAP stand the test of time? 5 year results from a multi-center randomized controlled study of ELAP vs. TURP; McAllister WJ, Absalom MJ, Mir K, Shivde SR, et al BJU International (2000).85, 437-439.

10. First Impression: Tc 99DTPA Direct Radionuclide cystography for Vesicoureteric Reflux;Shikare S., Shivde S.R., Punekar S.V. J.Nuclear Medicine 1995,36,2390.

11. Significance of open bladder neck in cases of fracture pelvis. Shivde S.R.

J Urol Feb2000 volume 163(2), 552.

12. Retroperitoneal laparoscopy: Shivde S.R., Eden C.G. BJU International (2000).85, 777.

13. American society of Anaesthesiologist Physical Status (ASA-PS): A predictor of treatment outcome of transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP).Basu S., Shivde S.R .J R Coll Surg Edinb.2000 Jun; 45(3):205.

14. The impact of basket extraction of fragments on stone clearance and secondary procedures following URS; Shivde S.R., Watson G.M., et al Journal of Endourology 1998,Sept.12(1)-s215.

15. Suprapubic urethral sphincter injection for genuine stress incontinence (GSI)-The “SUSI” technique; Shivde S.R., Lawrence W., Bell T.: Journal of Endourology 1998, Sept.12 (1)-s126

16. Holmium laser resection of the prostate (HoLRP). The outcome evaluation with emphasis on the post procedure pain; Shivde S.R., Watson G.M., et al Journal of Endourology 1998,Sept.12 (1)-s197

Text Book Citations

Evaluation And Treatment Of The Neurogenic Bladder

Textbook Of Neurogenic Bladder : Adults & Children

Global Case Papers(Please Click For Magnification Of Global Case Papers, Part By Part)

Laparoscopic Transperitoneal Surgery for Adrenal Cysts

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Extrusion of Double J Stent

Use Of Thermosensitive Gel(Backstop)

Trimethoprim Vs Gentamicin

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Global Papers, A Summary