Urology Pune

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  1. 1.A wide variety of laparoscopic (key-hole) urological surgery including laparoscopic simple nephrectomy for removal of poorly working kidneys, laparoscopic radical nephrectomy for kidney cancers, laparoscopic ureterolithotomy for removing large stones resistant to other treatments and laparoscopic pyeloplasty for PUJ obstruction.

  1. 2.Endourology - particularly flexible and rigid ureteroscopy often as day cases, Holmium Laser Stone Treatment

  1. 3.Diagnostic urology including PSA testing to detect prostate cancer, diagnosis and treatment of benign prostate enlargement and other urological cancers.

  1. 4.Surgery for treatment of stress urinary incontinence for female patients offered in non - invasive forms such as Trans Vaginal Tape(TVT) and Trans Obturator Tape(TOT)

  1. 5.Live related kidney transplant surgery including laprascopic harvesting of donor kidney and recipient surgery.

  1. 6.Advice about ESWL therapy for kidney stones.

  1. 7.Advice and treatment of genito urinary cancers.

  1. 8.Holmium Laser Prostate Surgery(HoLEP).

9. Laparascopic removal of cancers of prostate, kidney and urinary bladder.

Dr. Subodh Shivde performs the following surgeries routinely.